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Flooring Services Fairfax VA

Flooring Services Fairfax VA

If you have a large home or business with different types of floors you will understand the struggle that we are going to talk about. You have to bring in the carpet cleaners to take care of your carpets obviously, but that will only cover part of your home. If you have hardwood floors it is hard to know who you can trust to handle them. Of course, the tile in the bathroom is not going to clean itself right? At Flooring Services Fairfax VA we want to be your call for hardwood flooring and any type of flooring needs. From hardwood flooring, laminate flooring and actually getting your floors installed to all of the different types of maintenance needs that may pop up!

About Us 
We understand that a lot of people may see us as something that is too good to be true. How could you possibly have knowledge of such a wide variety of floors? The reason that we have such knowledge is that we have recruited different professionals from a wide variety of industries.  This has allowed us to form a collective know-how that has us where we are today. As one of the few companies in the entire state that can actually offer such a wide variety of services!


As we have been pointing out we can handle all sorts of flooring needs from hardwood flooringlaminate flooring and floor flo ing installations for many different types of floors all the way to carpet cleaner and hardwood sanding services. Again, we want to be that go-to call for you any time that you have a flooring service need. It is really that simple for us. In fact, we can probably handle more types of projects than the ones that you are going to find listed on this site!

Custom Flooring Solutions

We know that there is a lot of gray area in the phrase that we just used to describe this section. We have actually done that on purpose though and we hope by the end of the paragraph you understand why. Each home or business is unique. Even some buildings that were identically built can have contrasting interiors. Basically what we want you to get out of this particular service, is whatever you want to get out of it. That is why we have that gray area, we want to sit down with you and paint the picture together so that at the end of the day you truly have the custom floors that you can be proud of.

Hardwood Flooring Fairfax VA

There are always going to be key differences between working in private homes and working in office buildings. What usually stands out as a difference is the type of floors that we would recommend that you use for one area or the other. If we are talking about cleaning you can rest assured that we are going to send more people over to clean your restaurant than we would most homes. For the most part, though we handle all of the flooring services with the same respect and the same mindset!

Flooring Services Fairfax VA installed my hardwood flooring and now they clean them. To be honest I couldn’t be happier with the results! 
  – Kendra D. ​

Flooring Installation

In these particular instances we usually only get two types of callers. One knows that they want to get. They have gone to the store and picked out the floors that they want and essentially they may only need a laminate flooring service. The other type of caller has not decided what they want and actually wants more help in the buying process as well as the flooring installation. We know exactly how to handle the different types of flooring installations from hardwood flooring to vinyl flooring to carpet installation. As well as taking care of each individual client in the best way possible!

Hardwood Sanding and Refinishing

This one is tough. We get that if you mess up one of these jobs the hardwood flooring is just never going to be the same. It is really as simple as that. The reason that we offer this particular hardwood flooring service is that we believe we have the capabilities to be able to go through a proper sanding and refinishing your hardwood flooring project. We have a library full of pictures from past results to prove our claims. Plus, a team of pros that knows how to get the job done right!

I use Flooring Services Fairfax VA for my home and my business so I can tell you that whatever hardwood flooring need you happen to have these guys can help you out.
 – Greg F. 

Carpet Services and Installation

Different carpets are going to require different types of care. There are some carpets that you are going to be able to literally wash out with soap and water and then end up hanging them to dry out! That is not going to be possible with all of the carpets. Knowing though, exactly what type of carpet we are dealing with is going to be key towards what we could call our long term success. As we have said before though we have gone through carpet installationscarpet cleaning, and many other services. We even get calls about our carpet patching costs. If you need any of these types of services you shouldn’t hesitate to call the go to professional carpet cleaner near you!

Carpet Cleaning

We’ve already talked a little bit about our carpet cleaning services in the last paragraph. Just to make things clear though we understand that each carpet is unique. So the strategy that we use is going to vary. We may pressure wash some rugs we may steam wash others. As we have said before we have a lot of experience in this area that really serves you well when we come in and give you a hand!

It is really comfortable working with Flooring Services Fairfax VA that is just the best hardwood flooring in Fairfax Virginia. I make one call and I know all my floors are going to be cleaned properly!
 – Dan G.

Contact Us

​Do any of the services that we just described interest you? If so give us a call or contact us. We will be more than happy to clear up any doubts that you may have about our services. As well as, pay you a visit and see how it is that we can help your hardwood flooring services needs!