​​Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

These days there are a lot of myths surrounding carpet cleaning. We have clients that are overly concerned with having clean carpets because they know that if they pick up dust or other types of particles they could contribute to the spread of diseases and things like that. On the other hand, you have people saying that carpet cleaning is something that is bad. Cleaning your carpet is literally going to ruin it forever. To be honest, we have to say that we couldn’t side with one philosophy over the other. Obviously, we don’t believe that carpet cleaning is bad. Overdoing it though could tear the carpet we have no problem saying that!

What Is The Best Way To Clean Your Carpet?

Different carpets are going to require different cleaning methods to be able to obtain comparable results. If someone comes up to you with this magical product that is going to work on all different types of fabric it is most likely a scam. That is one of the reasons why we as a company can’t provide proper guidance for a client before we have seen the carpet. That is also why it is really hard to give out a quick quote over the phone!

Can Too Much Cleaning Tear Up My Carpet?

We have said before that we do believe this statement to be true. If you overly obsess about cleaning most carpets you are going to end up with a stiff carpet at the very least. It is going to be more prone to ripping and falling apart. When you clean a carpet you have to allow it to rest and dry correctly. Using an excessive amount of water on carpets can be a bad idea because the moisture is going to be sucked up by the carpet itself. This is known to cause a world of trouble!

Can I Reduce My Business Maintenance Staff To Hire You?

It is really hard for us to talk about other people’s jobs. To be fully honest though for a lot of smaller companies it can make a lot more sense to have your employees become responsible for their own trash. Then have a service like us come in and clean your carpets once a month or something like that. This applies to a lot of businesses that have people working in an office environment. Hiring private contractors is usually less expensive than keeping people on the payroll. At the end of the day though that is a decision that you are going to have to make.

Steam Cleaning Or Pressure Washing?  

For carpets, we are usually going to lean more towards steam cleaning because we are going to be using less water. These days the different types of fabrics that are used in carpets can adapt better to pressure washing. There is no question that the actual washing process in pressure washing is quicker, but the drying is what takes more time. Again it is one of those things where we will give you the options and the pros and cons that we see in your situation so that you can make the final call. Find out much more details about us.