​​Flooring Installation

Flooring Installation

Installing floors is without a doubt one of the more important services that we offer. That is one of the reasons why we have basically brought it up on each page on the site. So if you have read through the site a lot of what you may be reading may not be all that new! With that said, we still want to go over the process that we follow. That way if you are shopping around trying to find who can help you out you take a look our way a bit closer!

Worthy Investment

One of the things that we talk about with our potential clients is that it is important, to be honest with ourselves. In our case, we would not offer to get something done for you that we know we can’t do. Likewise, we believe that not everyone is going to be fit for handling their own flooring installations. That is why people like us exist. You are going to be making an investment in buying the floor anyway. A failed installation though can be like throwing money down the drain. That is the last thing that we would want you to do. That is one of the many reasons we believe that our floor installation services are worth it!

Prepping The Ground Correctly 

This is actually where most botched installation attempts go south. It is not just about being able to even out the tiles or spread out the carpet correctly. The first thing that you have to do is make sure that you have clean and even base. Sometimes we are going to need to make some repairs to the original surface before we can start placing the hardwood or laminated floors. Floor installation is a step by step process where if you skip a few things here and there you can probably bet that your results won’t be as good!

Commercial Installation Services  

The size of the area that we are going to be working with is going to determine the size of the crew that we are going to need. This sounds obvious, but a lot of times people want to save a couple of bucks so they will have one poor handyman going through the entire installation. On another page on the site, we talked about how speed was key for us in our commercial services. In our opinion going with a short-handed crew for a large project largely increases the chances of a botched installation. It is important to do things the right way!

Who Buys The Floors?

We have also talked about this on other pages on the site. There are going to be times where the client will go out and buy the floors then they will call us for help. For the most part, though we like to be able to help in the entire buying process. That way we can ensure that we will be able to provide the high-quality results that we always promise