​​Hardwood Sanding and Refinishing

Hardwood Sanding and Refinishing

Hardwood floors can provide a great look to any area in your home or business. They tend to be very stylish and for the most part, they are comfortable to walk on and easy to clean. Over time though they can get chipped and scratched here and there. That is when you are going to be faced with a decision. Either have them completely replaced or have them sanded and refinished. We are going to plead both cases actually. That is another benefit that you get from hiring a company that happens to be so versatile. We have no hidden agendas because we could potentially help you out either way!

Is Your Hardwood Worth Refinishing In Its Current Condition?   

The first thing that we are going to do when someone calls and wants to refinish their hardwood flooring is, give the entire floor a thorough inspection. From there we will present our findings to you and give you an expert opinion on what we believe should be done or not. Of course, you are going to have the final call. To be honest, though there are certain times where refinish may not be worth it. The hardwood may be too damaged or we may even be talking about lower quality floors that are seemingly interchangeable!

Is Your Hardwood Worth Refinishing Price Wise?

Most of the times the answer is going to be yes. If we are talking about even medium quality hardwood refinishing is always going to be a lot less expensive than fully replacing. So, just as a starting point refinishing wins there. As long as the floor does not have that many cracks the materials that are going to be used in the refinishing process don’t tend to be all that expensive. That again is another point for refinishing in our book!

We Are Going To Be Sanding With A Purpose

We just had to point this out because we have seen how a lot of companies sort of just do a quick run through with the machine and call it “sanding”. Then they will try to cover up most of the details that may be still present on the floors through applying that new coating of whatever type of chemical they are going to use to complete the refinishing process. It has been our observation that the sanding process has taken a back seat. We would rather tell you up front we are going to take one more day to finish up, but actually, go through a proper sanding process.

What Are We Going To Use To Actually Finish Off The Floor

There are different types of things that you can use to actually finish off this process. Most of the times we will use varnish, polyurethane, a penetrating sealer, or other types of chemicals even. It usually depends on the type of finish that you want. We can go through all of the different options that we have once you give us a call and we actually get a chance to take a look at your floors. We also offering carpet installation service.